Rooted in pertinent research and fully meeting the expectations of the core content framework, the programme ensures that trainees become, as one said, ‘adept by the end’. 

Ofsted, April 2022

This exciting and innovative programme was the first of the kind in the country and represents a potentially powerful revolution in the way undergraduates are trained nationally. It allows you to specialise in age phases 3-7 or 5-11 years with ongoing school-based training at its heart; complemented by training in the core curriculum, foundation curriculum, professional studies and subject specialism. Dovetailing high-quality core training which embraces excellence in evidenced-informed theory with the very best practice in its partnership schools; right from the start trainees gain invaluable insight, knowledge, understanding and experience from the innovative way that their school-based and core training inform and enhance each other.

Blending high quality training and tutoring from the local team at TMA, regional and national experts with expert School Based Trainers or mentors leads students on this programme to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of how children learn and how to teach them effectively. You will be taught in lectures and workshops and will have tutorials to deepen your understanding and guide you to link your developing pedagogy to practice in the classroom.

You will learn how to teach the full range of the primary curriculum as well as how to manage classrooms to promote high achievement for all, adapt your teaching to suit the needs of different learners and assess learners knowledge to inform your teaching.

As part of our partnership with BCU, you have access to the university's library facilities many of which are online and our recently updated library in Milton Keynes holds many of the key texts you will require. Online library facilities often means no waiting for texts you would like as part of your studying and students like the responsiveness of the system.