In 2012, The Department for Education shared their vision for the future of the education system in their White Paper, ‘The Importance of Teaching’. It put Outstanding Schools at the heart of improving the education system and emphasised the value of the teaching workforce determining the direction of our children’s education. 

The Two Mile Ash ITT Partnership shares these principles; actively seeking out the very best people who will inspire our children to flourish.

Our colleagues from a variety of settings; including schools, local authorities, universities and Ofsted have commented upon our Partnership’s incredible sense of community, moral purpose and drive for excellence for all. We were recognised as an ‘Outstanding’ provider in March 2013 and are listed in the top ten SCITT providers in the country (Good Teacher Training Guide, 2013).

The Partnership was also selected by Ofsted as one of its first eight published case studies of good practice, because of our trainees drive and focus on pupil learning.