Welcome to the Two Mile Ash Initial Teacher Training Partnership.  As the oldest, most established Primary training provider in Milton Keynes, we are proud of our excellent outcomes for trainee teachers.

At Two Mile Ash, we believe that every child in Milton Keynes is entitled to a world class education. We aim to inspire our trainees with a varied and innovative training programme, access to excellent teaching and a wide variety of experiences in our partner schools across Milton Keynes.

Our close-knit community is what makes a training year at Two Mile Ash so special – our schools are proud to be part of our partnership and we are proud to work with some of the most committed, varied and innovative schools in the area.  We all share the desire to provide the very best for our children – and while every school in our partnership is unique, we are brought together through our sense of integrity and the drive to achieve this common aim.

If you  have a proven commitment to teaching as a career; the passion, presence, energy and enthusiasm required to work with primary age children; the personal and intellectual qualities needed to be an excellent teacher and the confidence, determination and professionalism that’s required to be part of an innovative and prestigious programme then we want to hear from you.