In order to apply for our primary teacher training programmes, you must have passed English, Maths and Science GCSEs/O levels, grade 4 (previously grade C) or above. 

If you have not got these qualifications, there are options for you:

1)     If you are not at all confident with your abilities in the subject, you can take classes, at a local AEI (Adult Education Institute) over the course of a whole year, and then sit a GCSE examination at the end of it. Please bear in mind that, as GCSE results are not announced until the end of August each year, this will often preclude you from making an application to us until the following academic year.

2)     If you are more confident with the subject knowledge that you already have and are in need of some refresher studies, then we would recommend you contact A Star Equivalency, with whom we have a recognised arrangement.

  • Leaders in the delivery of GCSE equivalencies since 2002
  • Exams accurately benchmarked to recognised UK examination boards
  • FREE exam guides, practice papers and marking schemes, also support materials provides online
  • Lowest priced exams (NB. dynamic pricing system offers lowest prices for booking in advance – short notice exams may cost more)
  • Students can access all the relevant information about the specific GCSE equivalency tests from the following dedicated pages:

GCSE Maths equivalency test

GCSE English equivalency test

GCSE Biology equivalency test

GCSE Combined Science equivalency test

If you require further information, please use the chat facility on their website or email their friendly support team at

3)     The final option is only available to applicants who have already successfully interviewed and accepted an offer of a training placement with us, which is being able to access Birmingham City University’s equivalency testing service. This service, however, is not available until after March each year, so the timescale for study and passing the test is shorter.

Please note that the results of any equivalency test may be considered by some institutions as non-transferable. They are not necessarily recognised as GCSEs, but are considered to be of an equivalent standard for the purpose of an ITT teacher training application.

Any equivalency testing agency qualifications, however, are NOT acceptable for the Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship route, which is funded by the ESFA. There are other qualifications that the ESFA do deem suitable. If you do not have a standard UK GCSE in English or Maths, please contact us first to discuss what is acceptable.