Trainees join this partnership because they want to make a difference to pupils and the generations to come. They are not disappointed.

Ofsted, April 2022

casestudyI chose the Two Mile Ash ITT Partnership for my teacher training because I had heard really good things about the school and the opportunities the training provider offered. It was important to me that I found a provider that would allow me to train on the job, in a school, rather than in a lecture theatre far removed from the realities of a career in teaching. I was fortunate enough to gain a salaried place on the course which meant that I would have my own class (with a lot of support and guidance!) and be responsible for their progress across the year.

Whilst this was a daunting prospect in the beginning I am so pleased I did it that way. Two Mile Ash ITT made sure that I felt supported every step of the way and my SBT (mentor) was wonderful, taking the lead when I wasn’t ready but pushing me forward when she felt I was. Over the course of the year I worked with a number of different incredibly skilled teachers. They were all so patient and constructive with their guidance and training and I learnt a huge amount from each one that has enriched my own practice. Having my own class from day one meant that I was able to immediately implement the skills and techniques that I learnt in my training sessions and got to experience the reality of being a class teacher. I feel so well prepared for my teaching career and cannot wait to get to know my new class!