Keeping track of your application

This is very important - applicants need to please prime their referee that an application has been made and that they need to watch out for the email reference request from UCAS. This is nearly always the stage at which most applications get held up and this is totally out of our control. Our places fill up early, so to ensure that all applicants have the best opportunities for success, the applications need to be submitted as soon as possible after UCAS opens.

Please remember that your application does NOT become visible to us, until AFTER your reference has been returned and you have paid the fee and submitted it. We will always acknowledge when we have received an application through the portal.

All qualifications and minimum entrance requirements are verified by the ITT Partnership Co-Ordinator. Only applications which meet criteria are passed on to the Senior Leader in ITT for shortlisting for interview. If successful, you will be invited to our next available interview day.

First stage interview at TMA ITT Partnership

Skills judged on the day will include an applicant's proactivity, perception and presence. You will spend time in a classroom and also carry out a 15 minute teaching activity with a small group of approximately 6 children. Short English and Maths tasks and then a 25 minute interview seeks to ascertain the strength of your application. All information gained will then contribute to the initial needs analysis, which is used to measure potential and lead the interviewing panel to a decision.

Applicants with a good profile will be given a conditional offer through UCAS.

Confirmation of Conditional offer

Successful applicants will have their conditional offers changed through UCAS into unconditional offers, once all the necessary offer conditions have been met. These include:

  • Any outstanding academic qualifications
  • Clear DBS enhanced disclosure
  • Occupational health check