Essential criteria

  • A UK Bachelors Honours Degree, or equivalent qualification.
  • A minimum of 5 GCSEs at grade 4 (previously grade C). These must include English Language, Mathematics and Science or equivalent* (For GCSE Science, an equivalent in BTEC level 2 Applied Science with a minimum Merit grade will also be accepted. Please note that the two remaining subjects need to be actual GCSEs. *Please contact us directly to discuss suitable equivalent standard qualifications for the PGTA route.
  • Clear and accurate written and verbal communication skills/ability to read effectively.
  • Satisfactory DBS clearance  and fitness to train to teach.

Desirable qualities

  • Knowledge and understanding of primary education, including the National Curriculum and other current educational initiatives.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the role of the primary teacher.
  • Experience in a mainstream UK primary classroom within the last two years (a minimum of 10 days, but greater experience will strengthen application).
  • ICT confidence and competency.
  • Personal Qualities – evidence that you are able to:
  • Work on own initiative and manage workload.
  • Work co-operatively and effectively with people from a diverse society.
  • Build relationships with children that promote learning.
  • Interests and talents that would enhance children’s learning experiences.
  • Willingness to seek employment in the local area.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the rigour required to study at Masters Level.

Additional Criteria For The Post Graduate Teaching Apprenticeship Route

  • Individualised programme agreed and Partnership Agreement signed by Headteacher.
  • Identification, through the selection process, as exhibiting the potential to sustain the extra demands of a salaried route into teaching.

Desirable Criteria For The Post Graduate Teaching Apprenticeship Route

  • At least a year’s worth of Teaching Assistant experience in school.
  • Financial backing from school to support additional costs required.