As Head of System Leadership, Sarah is involved in the strategic development and organisation of Teacher Development including Initial Teacher Training. 

Sarah oversees the Initial Teacher Training routes we offer at TMAITTP and leads the accreditation and award of QTS at our School Direct partners in the region and with partner schools internationally through our Assessment Only route to QTS. Sarah is also interested in the progression of learning for teachers as learners from ITT through to Senior Leadership roles and she leads the creation of our career development packages for qualified teachers. Sarah loves a day teaching in the training room with all of you and looks forward to the times she trains you as a highlight of her diary!


Sarah has been teaching for more than 20years and brings a wealth of experience to her role. She has worked as a teacher, a Senior Leader and a Specialist Leader of Education and has been involved in training teachers at different points in their journey for many years. Locally, she has been known in recent years for her science training which is practical, innovative, engaging and informative (and often a bit messy!). She has extensive experience of working closely with teachers and support staff to raise their impact on children’s learning and enjoys the challenge of curriculum development and assessment.

Sarah's philosophy

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere” Chinese Proverb

Benjamin Franklin


Sarah can be contacted on or 01908 533284.